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The Big Three Oh

I can feel its presence, just around the corner, always a few steps ahead of me but in the last few months, slowing down, letting me get closer, turning back every now and then to assure me that it’s there, and eventually, I’ll be right beside it.
I can see its shadow from where it stands today, just around the bend in the road.  I can feel its eyes on me – the number 30, waiting patiently, knowingly. Is it smirking? Will it greet me with a consolatory arm around the shoulder and a “it had to happen, mate” or is it going to utter a smug retort – “remember when you were 20 and in college, walking around campus like you owned it, like you owned the world, barely smothering your giggles at the older men and women who sat in close-knit circles on the grass, seemingly always singing With or Without You by U2, always playing an acoustic guitar? Remember how you thought they were just so lame?”

Yeah I remember, I’ll tell 30. I just didn’t realize then that those Masters’ students didn’t care w…

Morning Commute

The sun is bright today, 
Top right corner
Of my window. 
It's keeping pace, 
Like a competitive jogger
In bright yellow trainers

It's quiet on the bus today,
Like a museum
For adults,
Or an expensive exhibition 
For somber (but obvious)
Art lovers

Quiet - 
Except for the music notes
That escape from a young lady's
Subtle white headphones.
Would you feel a connection
If she were listening
To your second favorite song
In the world?

If you look hard enough
And squint your eyes
Just a bit
And let your mind
Breathe -
You can see the thoughts
In people's heads (mostly blond
But some brunettes) 

"Was it a mistake
To not iron my shirt 
Tommy actually ate his breakfast
Thank god
Just one more day 
Of work
Of family, of love
Unmade beds and dirty dishes
Maybe he will wash them
Without me asking

Funny Things

Sometimes I think of god as a being with a pretty decent sense of humor, someone who can laugh at others and at himself, the kind of being who waits behind a door for five minutes to pounce out at a friend and yell BOO and then finds true delight when the friend jumps a foot off the ground, someone who wouldn’t be afraid to splash some water at a colleague on a work trip to the lake … you know, someone who doesn’t want you to take life too seriously, at least not all the time.
That’s the explanation that comes to mind when I’m walking out on a beautiful sunny day with the breeze dancing around, perhaps like a semi-talented ballerina, whipping small yellow leaves off the trees and swirling them around in an animated piece of art – and for a minute I feel like I’m in the middle of a sweet romantic drama – and then suddenly a large dry leaf strikes me in the face.  Like a blooper.  The director calls CUT! And I look up and imagine god suppressing a giggle.
Or when I look out from my windo…