Hot, cold

February 20

I was supposed to go to the gym today but I got a fever instead. On the plus side, I am getting some exercise putting on my sweatshirt and shivering and then taking it off a few minutes later, and back on and off. If I keep this going for the next 30 minutes, there’s my arm, shoulder, and back workout right here in bed!

Learning to be a social worker is fun, because you can use the strengths-based, motivational interviewing techniques you’re learning on yourself. You also have a much harder time ignoring the comforts, or in social work terminology, the privileges you have. I could take the bus home, which welcomed me with a heating system, my pink sweatshirt, an electric kettle, tea supply and cupcakes already baked and ready to be shoveled into my feverish body. And then, because I have not had the time to watch too many TV shows recently, I have exactly five episodes of Private Practice to catch up on!

Once my body stops feeling like it’s a puzzle put together on a hard floor, all wobbly, disjointed, and slightly apart at the breaks, I will get up and make instant noodles. One of the things from LUMS that I still have – along with some pretty awesome friends, of course.


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