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My Heart Lives in Pakistan

You slip into the comfort of your own country so seamlessly you don’t even notice it.It’s like wearing your favourite sneakers – you don’t realise how important they are till you buy new shoes and have to break them in. We landed at the shoddy little Islamabad airport – Daewoo bus stations are better than the Islamabad airport, as my uncle put it – and I walked out into the crisp cool morning of home,donning on a coat of smug confidence that was held up by invisible fairies right outside the plane door.
It’s that confidence which makes you stride with your head held high, pushes you to say “exCUSE me!” loudly and indignantly to the aunties and uncles that try to cut the line in front of you, that helps you strike a conversation with a stranger on a bus, or offer help to a young mother with her antsy baby without blinking.
It’s the confidence of belonging to a place without filling out paperwork and supplying bank documents and paying thousands of dollars in fees, of belonging utterly and…